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The Second English Talent Show held by International Education Department

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The International Education School successfully hosted the second English talent show final in the school academic hall on the evening of May 12. The guests from the Student’s Affairs Department, the Teaching Affairs Department and the Department of General Courses, toghter with the leaders of the international education school, the teachers and students gathered here, enjoyed the performances of the students. The 6 foreign teachers of the school are also invited to be present and are expected to perform on the stage. Seven English teachers including the two foreign experts worked as judges of the activity.

cheers and laughter brimming the library. Since November, candidates stand themselves out after several round of competitions and eventually come the stage of final. The performances of different genres of programs, show different style talents of the students, ranging from songs, recitation, dubbing, to sitcoms and other styles programs.

Under the teachers’ guidance and the students’ careful preparation, the activity finally presents a English feast for everyone. Each player show a high level of English literacy with fluent oral English, but also demonstrated the fruitful results of English teaching reform in our international education school. We will surely take the good advantage of the activity to deepen the teaching reform and innovation in education, adjusting the teaching mode and means according to the students’ aptitude and cultivate high-quality skilled talents with international vision with the highlight of the features.

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