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The First Public Class of Foreign Teacher

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To strengthen teachers team construction, enhance English teachers' teaching ability and teaching level, improve the classroom teaching effect.The International Education held the foreign public class for the first time. in the afternoon of November 18 in room 501, building # 3 . Foreign teacher Janco did the public class teaching English deputy dean Yue-zhong bi and Li Lianhuan , all the English teachers at home and abroad, B layer class of the freshmen were prsent in the English public class.

First drawing stick figures on the blackboard and listing all the family members Jangco introduce the topic vividly to the students. Next, Teacher Jangco used of schema theory, introducing unknown information through the known information, teaching new words, and through the elaborate design of context, encouraging students to practice the new vocabulary. In order to create more for the students to use knowledge, teacher Jangco employed the topics close to the situation, causeing the student to use more natural.Yue-zhong bi, commented on the public class.Teacher. He said the solid basic skills, abundant teaching materials and skillful teaching technique features the class.

The public class builds up a learning platform for teacher to communicate with each other in teaching methodology, enlighting inspiration and new ideas for classroom teaching.The International Education School will continue to conduct public class activities, to excavate more excellent teacher resources, vigorously build teaching atmosphere, and set example of teaching style in international education School.

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