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The 2015 Parents-Teacher Conference on Sino-Foreign Joint Education Program of Internation Education School

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On Sunday afternoon, 10thof May, a parents-teacher conference on sino-foreign joint education program of Internation Education School was held to enhance the contact and communication between the school and parents, broadcast the school-running featur and faciliate the process of complete understanding of profound understanding of the program and doubt on school life, career perspectation and furthering study abroad. Doctor Gao Zhigang, representative of the joint program between Emilio Aguinaldo College in Philippines and Nanyang Mediclal College, Mr. Guo Zhenduo representative of the joint program between Camden County College and Nanyang Mediclal College, facaulty members of International Education School, repesentatives of parents and students were present at the conference. The meeting was presided by Sun Zhenguo, president of theInternational Education School.

General Secretary of the International Education School Party Committee, also General Director of the Communication and Cooperation Department, Shao Shuyan first extended her warm welcome to the guests and parents present. She made a report to the parents on the general operation of the program and the achievements reached in cultivation process. She also analyzed the concerned situation in exchange-student program in the coming summer vocation, problems that would be encountered while studying abroad and gave detailed explanation patiently. Afterwards, program representatives focused on clarifying the advantages and prospection of each program respectively. Yu Zongao who has studied in Philippine also analyzed his growth after and before the change on the personal growth background and put forward constructive guidance and opinions. Finally, parents and students discussed with the school part on the problems concerning security, expenses and credit recognition abroad which highlighted the whole activity. All the participants were arranged to watch a video clip of documentary on the teaching affairs of IES and visit the practical sites of Medical Imaging Department.

The conference intensively represent the trinity education mood of family, school and society which is adopted by IES. The meeting contributed to the further understanding of the education conception and methodology, shorten the distance between the school part and parents, advance the communication and cooperation, unify the opinions, clarify the orientation of cultivation which will definitely boost the joint collaboration between two sides and actively propel the healthy running of the joint program.

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