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New International Cooperative Education Programs Approved

Author: Date:2015-04-30 Number of Hits:

Our international cooperation education program has made new achievements! Today, one cooperative education program (Clinical Medicine) with Camden County College (U.S.A) is approved by the Education Department Henan Province, with approval number being 【JIAOWAI[2015]NO.267】. Therefore, the number of our cooperative education programs has totaled to six, covering pharmacy, nursing, medical technology and clinical majors.

The cooperative program with Philippines and America were approved in 2011 and 2013 respectively. Currently we have over 700 students studying at school and the enrollment rate has been keeping over 90% and is always on a rise. In 2014, we plan to recruit 300 students and 292 students get registered, making the enrollment rate 97.3 %. Besides, the quality of students recruited are has improved over the years.

Our school has been importing excellent educational resources and has been learning from exceptional foreign educational concepts over the years. In the management of intentional cooperative programs, we have been applying panoramic evaluation system. Currently 6 foreign experts are teaching at our college. We divide students into different groups according to students’ level. We have been enhancing language teaching, improving the quality of experiments and practices and have already made great accomplishments. In 2014, 183 students graduated with employment rate being 97%. We have sent over 20 students and 10 teachers to study in our cooperative colleges. Currently, 2 students are pursuing bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Emilio Aguinaldo College.

The approval of clinical medicine specialty will help us import excellent American educational resources in the fields of medical education and clinical practice. It will also help deepen our educational reform, improve the quality of education, and cultivate more qualified students with international perspective. Therefore, it is of great significance and will definitely exert far-reaching influences.

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