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Jan Jongco

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Jan Jongco

My name is Jan Christian Jongco. I am a graduate of Emilio Aguinaldo College, in which Nanyang Medical College is also in partnership with, and where I also work as a Guidance Coordinator for the Center for Guidance and Counseling. I graduated with a degree in BS Major in Psychology and at the same time was the president for the Psychology Society of Emilio Aguinaldo College and as well as the president of the School of Arts and Sciences Council during my senior year in college. I was also deemed as the “Best in Practicum for Clinical Psychology” during my last school year where I received an award. I am currently working as an English teacher for the wonderful students of Nanyang Medical College wherein I have been privileged to teach about the English language and at the same time, learn the very fascinating and rich culture of a very beautiful country. Working in a beautiful city such as Nanyang is not only an opportunity for me to teach; but also an opportunity to learn.

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