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Masud Razzaq

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My name is Masud Razzaq. I was born in London England .

I majored in Business and Finance. I became a law advisor under the Office of Fair Trading. I advised on behalf of Trading Standards on mostly civil law and some criminal issues. I stayed with this role for five years and became a specialist advisor for my team. In 2008 I come to China to work as a teacher. I did so and in December of that year I arrived in Nanyang to take a teaching role at Nanyang Yi Zhuan Medical College. I taught Speaking and Listening up until 2010 where I took another teaching position at the HMC College in Zhengzhou. I taught Business English and also listening and speaking for one year. I then returned to Nanyang Yi Zhuan because I really love Nanyang.

In my free time I enjoy keeping up with current affairs. I also enjoy composing music and taking part in various sports such as swimming and running. I also enjoy travel and learning new languages.

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