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The Award Presentation Ceremony of the 2nd Month of Civilization Successfully held

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On the night of March 26th,The Award Presentation Ceremony of the 2nd Month of Civilization was held in the meeting room on the 5th floor of the library building. Deputy Headmaster Mr. Kuiyingkun,who ,together with our deans ,teachers and students, watched the wonderful video programs and gave us an encouraging speech .

This series of activities ,Civilized Etiquette From the Bottom of Hearts,is made up of subject class meetings, student encounters, discussions in English, the Ants- DV makers and other activities. These activities helped to cultivate our self-conscientiousness of civilized etiquettes, and inspired us to start with civilized behaviors from our own, from bit by bit, and from now on. Especially the Ant activity, encouraged us to carefully observe life, record everything worthwhile with a camera and what was more important ,to think, and greatly aroused the enthusiasm of the students.

The activities of Month of Civilization have promoted the students' cultural habits, purified the college education environment and will decisively play a positive role in forming a further civilized and harmcollege environment.

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