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New International Cooperative Education Programs Approved

Author: Date:2013-04-27 Number of Hits:

Recently, two cooperative education programs (Stomatology and Medical Laboratory Technology) with Camden County College (U.S.A) were approved by the Education Bureau Henan Province, with approval number being 【豫教外[2013]58号】. The two projects have already been included in this year’s recruiting plan, which will recruit students of the first tier in college level. Each program will recruit 100 students, including both students of liberal arts and students of science.

In order to import excellent educational resources in developed countries, after the cooperation with Emilio College, we have been endeavoring to widen our cooperative fields. We have already made memorandum of understanding with Georgia Southwestern State University (U.S.A) , Liverpool John Moores University (U.K.) and many other universities. After careful selection, we finally made successful cooperation with Camden County College. Through introducing advanced educational idea and teaching system, these programs will help the comprehensive cooperation and exchanges in teaching, research and other fields, promote our teaching to be in line with international practice, and cultivate more high-quality, skilled talents with internationalization visions.

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