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The International Education School Successfully Held the Annual Winter Solstice Festival

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On the night of December 18, 2013, international education school successfully held the annual winter solstice festival on the first floor dining room in the main campus. Nearly 400 college students and teachers, and the two foreign teachers in our school took part in the activities.

The activity has been schemed and organized by the department of the Social Practice of the Students Union. Under the guidance of the teachers, the students prepared the dough, dumpling stuffing and other cooking tools in advance. The activity start at 6pm. Based on the group of class unit, the students took their own responsibility and also cooperated each other by making the wrappers, wrapping dumplings. All of them got themselves involved in the activity vigorously.

At 6 o 'clock 30 minutes, Bi Yuezhong, vice President of the International Education, director of the Dean’s Office, Qin Yan, director of the students counselors’ office Xi Yin and other teachers also join the students to make dumplings. From time to time, the bursts of laughter fill the dinning hall. The activity enhanced the team cooperation spirit, collection cohesion and make everyone feel warm and happy. The two foreign teachers in our school were also invited to attend this activity. They learned to flat the wrappers, package dumplings, experience of traditional Chinese culture, and also felt the enthusiasm of the teachers and students in our school.

Laughter, the smiling face of teachers and students is the most beautiful scenery the dining room. This activity enhances the students' consciousness of unity, cooperation, and the cohesion force between teachers and students making all students also feel the warmth of family of school of International Education.

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