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Professor Imelda David Lectures in the Second Affiliated Hospital

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Professor Imelda David Lectures in the Second Affiliated Hospital

Filipino foreign experts Imelda David was invited to give a lecture to nurses in Second Affiliated Hospital on April 23. a report entitled , "You never know about nursing " was give in the multifunctional lecture hall . Wang Wanqun, vice president of the hospital, head nurse Zheng Jia, vice president of International Education Schools Li Lianhuan , the other three professors from the Philippines College and more than 100 nurses from the Second Affiliated Hospital were present. Zhou Guojun acted on interpreter.

Professor Imelda David addressed from different aspects of nursing duties and clinical nursing practice in the Philippines. Subsequently, the vice president of International Education School, Li Lianhuan made a introduction of enrollment management, teaching and other features and advantages of the school.

In order to access the maximum benefits from the introduced foreign educational resources under current scale, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office will organize more activities according to instructions of school leadership, aiming at sharing and benefiting the high quality resources among all staffs.

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