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English Intensive Training Class Kicks off

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English Intensive Training Class Kicks off

The EnglishIntensive Training Class for exchange students was kicked off on March 12. On the opening ceremony of the class, Dr. David and Dr. Ranada were present. Li Min, former graduates from Nan Yang Medical College, has just graduated from EMILIO AGUINALDO COLLEGE, Philippines, Ms. Gao Fei, a teacher from the Nursing Department, exchange student representatives of the first patch, were invited to give a speech.

Three speakers represented their working and studying life in EMILIO AGUINALDO COLLEGE from different aspects respectively. Based on their own experiences and personal exploring in life, they revealed the life abroad which is of great helpful for the classmates to eliminate speculation and doubt about it. They also offered methods and strategies on how to adjust and adapt to all kinds of discomfort in living and learning abroad which attributed to build confidence of the students when study abroad for a master or undergraduate course plan.

At the end of ceremony, Sun Zhenguo, the presidents of the International Education School made a summary statement. He declaimed the purpose of the English Intensive Training Class to consolidate the joint cooperation between the two parts, deepen the educational effect, demonstrating the features of school running policy. Our cooperation with the, he emphasized that with the recognition of the school credits by Philippines part, the process of furthering study abroad will be smoothly facilitated. Studying in Philippines can not only save time and consumption but can help the students to open a new chapter in their lives. He encouraged the students to take an opportunity to create a sound and positive environment for all the students form the International Education School. Meanwhile, the students were fostered to enhance the English application ability and scooped all kinds prize in the English competition in the future.

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