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Nanyang Medical College International Education School
In order to promote the international joint process of education between Emilio Aguinaldo College,Philippine and Nanyang Medical College,China,introduce excellent educational resources and advanced educational ideas from abroad thus to improve talent-training standards of the Chinese side,and with the approval of Henan Province Office of Education ,in the spring of 2011,according to state plan,we recruit 300 College students with college entrance qualification from inside Henan province . In order to strengthen the cooperation and cultivate more excellent international medical talents,the Party Committee of Nanyang Medical College decided to establish International Education School, of which consists 3 special fields: Nursing , Medical Imaging and Pharmacy.
Features of International Education School
1. After completing the 3-year college study, graduation certificate of Nanyang medical college,together with the certificate of diploma of Emilio Aguinaldo College will be issued to the qualified students.
2.In order to introduce advanced educational resources, Nanyang Medical College and Emilio Aguinaldo College will do co-work on the teaching plan,and part of the basic specified courses will be offered by Philippine teachers .
3.In order to enhance students’comprehensive ability with the English language, International Education School will offer listening and speaking courses conducted by English-speaking teachers and establish a course on IELTS ,both in the form of small-sized classes of no more than 35 to strengthen English teaching .
4.Graduates of the Nursing are qualified to further their education with a period of 1 year and a half in Emilio to get master’s degrees. Graduates of the Medical Imaging and Pharmacy are qualified to further their education with a period of 2 years in Emilio to get bachelor’s degrees.

Training Orientation:
To meet the practical need of social construction,
the present training program is oriented to bringing out internationally-oriented high-caliber professionals with sound mastery of relevant medical theories and specialized skills, together with proficiency at communicating in English ,who, upon graduation, are able to take on health-related jobs in and abroad .

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